Connect Freight Services Company

Our Company is operated and managed by a strong, vibrant management team with proven specialist skills in the services that provide the company with:

•      Superior delivery of the service levels.

•      Engagement with a respectful, personalized way as part of an integrated team.

•      Integrated, cost effective Freight solutions locally,  regionally and internationally.


Our Culture

The words we aim for our clients to use to describe us are passionate, committed to deliver, practical, specialists and knowledgeable in what we do. We are energetic and persevering and aim to offer

fastest and most professional services. Individuals are driven and committed and accountable for specific objectives.

The golden strand throughout is a commitment to innovation, quality and services.

Our strengths

•      Seamless management

•      Space availability during peak periods

•      Cost effective service

•      Company culture of express service

•      Professional administration

•      Physical security and CCTV monitoring of operations


Contact Us

Mobile: 0595366666

Phone: 0122368191